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Freeview TV Interference from 4G Mobile Masts

Potential loss of Channelstuning tv

Next generationt mobile services have the potential to cause interference issues for up to two million UK households, the head of Freeview has warned.
Homes within two kilometres (1.24 miles) of a 4G base station are likely to experience interference and, for some, there will also be a loss of channels.

New 4G Transmitters in Coventry, joining Birmingham & Wolverhampton on 800MHz

Our Coventry contact reports that the 4G rollout has started with a new transmitter in Whitley.

The launch of 4G services using the 800MHz spectrum could affect up to 2.3 million homes close to these 4G masts as these new 4G frequencies are close to the those used for your Freeview channels.

To find out more visit the website for information and a helpline, see also below.


at800 Logo on filterDisruptiont tot Freeviewt services can be resolved for many homes with an at800 filter.
You can get one free from and this can cover all TVs connected to a single aerial when placed in the right place. You can buy additional filters where you are advised to ensure they have the at800 branding, see right.
If you still have difficulties, call Nik on 07894 642 406 or 0800 311 8478.

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I would definitely recommend this company. Called the mobile Friday afternoon, the office called me back within minutes and booked an appointment for 08:15 the following Monday.
Communication from the office was great; they called me over the weekend to confirm I still needed the appointment.
The engineer [Richard] arrived on time and was very personable. He very quickly established the cause of my loss of signal, confirmed what was required, and the price. This particular job was done in about five minutes and my signal was as good as new! Richard also explained the reason behind the issue and the external contributing factors [increasing mobile 4G signal].
A great company priding themselves on a quality job with quality staff.
Thanks, Jason