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2020 delivers a record 643 Reviews!

2019’s Record of 399 Reviews was passed by July. 2020 has finished 61% higher @ 643

The year 2020 will be remembered for the pandemic and for the amazing resilience of our people. Digital Direct Aerials were only offering emergency cover for two months, mainly working outside, but with full PPE.

When the Lockdown started to ease, with kids were still at home and many continuing to work and socialize from home our work picked up.

  • Improving WiFi and Broadband problems.
  • Wallmounting TVs.
  • Fitting and repairing aerials and satellite dishes.
  • Bigger projects people planned when in Lockdown.

What was it about 2020 to generate so many more reviews? We continue to use full protection and social distancing whilst responding to more really urgent calls and have remained really busy. At the height of lockdown we saw many longer, more thoughtful and detailed reviews as our customers had more time then. However longer reviews continue to take a significant share of our current record levels of reviews.
Into 2021 we are all  still in difficult times.