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CCTV Installation, Cameras sited & set-up.

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Exceptional Service and Professional Installations!👍
The digital direct company provided exceptional service in installing CCTV cameras,
a media wall, and an alarm system. David did an excellent job with the CCTV and alarm system installations.
The entire team, including Nick front line and Sara in managing project, completed the job to the best possible standards. Shakeel, Sutton Coldfield, Reviews, on Trustpilot, 28th September 2023

CCTV Cameras linked to Recorder, PC, Internet, iPhone etc.

Home and business CCTV cameras can be used to monitor and record:

  • Anti-social behavior.
  • Security & surveillance.
  • Dark or hidden entrances.
  • Family & loved ones – check they are well.
  • Pets at home or in the garden.
  • Watching wildlife.

Nik & the team can install external or internal cameras and set these up according to your needs and requirements.
All systems include cabling, setup to your screen / phone, demonstration & 2-year guarantee.

CCTV Systems for Business

Click on the link above to view our Commercial CCTV Camera Systems.

Home CCTV System Features include:

  • Movement triggered recording.
  • Continuous monitoring or recording.
  • Night-vision, low light to HD colour cameras.
  • Bullet or Dome CCTV Cameras, internal or external.
  • Wired or wireless cameras.
    Wired are recommended for fixed security use but a wireless camera can be flexible & fun.
  • Recording to tape, DVD, hard disk, computer or the cloud.
  • Viewing via computer, TV, the internet or smart phones.


View live CCTV  or playback recordings on your iphone, android smartphone, iPad or tablet.



CCTV works both Day & Night

Home CCTV for Leisure – View on your TV System

Nik and the team have been linking customers TV systems to their broadband, linking up video cameras and helping customers watch on their iphones & tablets so it was no surprise that they were asked to help integrate CCTV installations.
birdbox-CCTVSo as our team has expanded we have added CCTV experts with wide knowledge of the best hardware. The guys have started to help link these streams up to the internet so anyone can see your wildlife streams as well as providing secure, private, access to your security cameras for your remote peace of mind.

Installing CCTV into a bird box, right. You can see the full picture on Facebook.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing A CCTV Home System?


Home CCTV systems offers numerous advantages. The most important being a deterrent to potential intruders. A home CCTV system should be visible; making it clear you have security in place. You make your home a less attractive target, as the intruders are most likely looking for an easier victim. This works for both opportunistic and planned home invasions.


A CCTV camera for your home can also monitor suspicious activities. If someone is scoping out your home as a potential target, you can capture crucial images and video footage to proactively stop them.


CCTV systems may not always prevent crime, but they will gather evidence in the event of a crime. The better the quality of the camera, the more information you can gather. Which is why many choose 4k home CCTV systems as a solution, as they capture more features of any criminal.

How Do You Choose the Right CCTV For Your Home?

Camera Quality

High-resolution cameras, such as 4k home CCTV systems, provide superior image quality, allowing for the identification of faces and license plates; crucial in the event of security breaches.


Wireless home CCTV systems offer flexibility in placement and easier installation but require a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Wired systems, while more stable, may require professional installation.


Onsite storage is not usually a viable option for most homeowners. Which is why there are packages available that includes cloud storage. Cloud storage allows for remote access, and larger backups, but may incur monthly fees. While Local storage, costs more upfront but without monthly fees, and can limit the amount of footage that can be stored.

Why Is It Best to Hire a Professional to Install Your CCTV System?

While DIY installation of a CCTV camera for the home is possible, hiring a professional ensures optimal placement, secure and stable installation, and proper configuration of the system. We aim to be the best CCTV camera company for home installations and provide valuable advice on the most effective system for your needs.

Do You Need the Internet for a Home CCTV System?

Most CCTV systems need a local network in order to access the video feeds. Internet connectivity enhances the functionality of a home CCTV system by enabling remote access to live and recorded footage via smartphones or computers. This feature is particularly beneficial for homeowners who wish to monitor their property while away.

How Long Is Footage Stored?

The duration for which footage is stored depends on the storage capacity of your local system or the package you have with your cloud solution. Some home CCTV systems allow for footage to be stored for weeks or even months before being overwritten or requiring manual deletion.

Do You Need Permission to Install CCTV At Home?

Installing CCTV cameras for home use does not usually require special permission, especially if the cameras are positioned within the property’s boundaries. It’s important to consider the privacy of neighbours, it is usually best practice to only cover your property. In the cases where it isn’t possible, then you should talk to your neighbours about how they feel about it. It is also recommended to comply with local regulations to avoid potential disputes.

What Maintenance Do CCTV Systems Require?

To ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your home CCTV system, regular maintenance is recommended. Keep the camera lenses clean; check the system’s power supply and connections; update the software to protect against security vulnerabilities.

Why Choose Digital Direct to Install Your CCTV?

Choosing Digital Direct for your CCTV installation means choosing experts, known for our reliability and quality service. We believe we are the best CCTV camera company for home systems, offering a wide range of CCTV systems. Performing a full consultation and investigation to get the most coverage of your property. Our professional installation service ensures that your home CCTV system is set up for optimal performance, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is securely monitored.

CCTV Customer Reviews

Recent, TV & Medial Wall, Customer Reviews

Exceptional Service and Professional Installations!👍
The digital direct company provided exceptional service in installing CCTV cameras, a media wall,
and an alarm system. David did an excellent job with the CCTV and alarm system installations.
The entire team, including Nick front line and Sara in managing project, completed the job to the best possible standards. They have proven themselves to be experts in their field, providing exceptional service and delivering top-notch installations. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of CCTV, media wall, or alarm system installations. They have set the bar high with their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Shakeel, Sutton Coldfield, on Trustpilot, 28th September 2023

Installed wireless alarm and CCTV – fantastic from start to finish – clean, tidy and professional. Would definitely recommend. Snow on R6S, Stourbridge, on Google, 14th August 2023.

CCTV. Had Hikvison 8mp Cameras with Night Vision fitted and Dave and Jack fitted with no cable showing anywhere and picture is amazing day and night without having a massive camera stick to your house. Superb. Steven, Stourbridge, on Checkatrade, 11th March 2023.

Cameras. Just Fantastic. Customer, CV32, On Checkatrade, September ’22.

A very friendly and efficient service from everybody that we have dealt with, even with the current issues affecting us all. The installation of CCTV was completed well and tidily by Nik and Mark. Many thanks for a job well done that makes us feel more secure following our recent experiences.
Keith, Smethwick, on Trustpilot, 20th October ’20.

Great team highly qualifieid and always there to help.
Chris Bagnall, May 2024