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CCTV Installation in Solihull

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Hermitage Rd, Solihull, B91 2LJ

Exceptional Service and Professional Installations!👍 The digital direct company provided exceptional service in installing CCTV cameras, a media wall, and an alarm system. David did an excellent job with the CCTV and alarm system installations.
Shakeel, on Trustpilot, 28th September 2023

If you’re looking to improve the security of your home, then Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) can give you the edge over potential burglars. It enhances existing security systems such as burglar alarms and acts as a deterrent. It can also give you all-important peace of mind.

Where once CCTV was the preserve of businesses, public spaces and large organisations, advances in technology have significantly reduced the price. CCTV systems are now seen widely in Solihull on both residential and commercial premises. CCTV Solihull is helping to reduce crime in the area, providing around-the-clock surveillance and increased security for local properties.

Is CCTV for you?

Burglary and property crime are sad facts of life. As a property or business owner, you need to be proactive in reducing the risk. In practice, this means ensuring that your property is as secure as possible and that systems are in place to deter criminals, stopping them in their tracks or providing valuable evidence should a crime take place.

CCTV ticks all of these boxes. Widely seen as one of the most comprehensive means that property owners can deploy, CCTV installation Solihull is a service that’s in increasing demand.

As well as deterring crime, CCTV can also be used for other purposes such as viewing birds and other wildlife that visit your property.

The complete security solution

CCTV systems provide enhanced security for property owners. They allow property owners to monitor their property around the clock, provide added protection in dark and hidden corners, and ensure that should a crime take place, there’s valuable evidence on hand.

Most criminals are opportunists. Burglaries and acts of vandalism take place when a criminal spots an opportunity. Security systems such as burglar alarms act as a deterrent to criminals who generally want to be in and out of your property as quickly as possible. CCTV systems Solihull increase this deterrent effect, creating too significant a risk for most criminals to take.

Should someone persist in attempting to commit a crime on your property, CCTV provides an early alert, allowing you to see what’s happening wherever you are. If a crime is committed, police can use CCTV footage to quickly identify and apprehend the criminal.

Anti-social behavior – security & surveillance.

  • Dark or hidden entrances.
  • Family & loved ones – check they are well with internal cameras.
  • Pets at home or in the garden.

Nik & the team can install external or internal cameras and set these up according to your needs and requirements. All systems include cabling, setup to your screen / phone, demonstration & 2-year guarantee.

CCTV works both Day & Night


Commercial and residential CCTV

Whether you run a business, manage an office or warehouse building, or are a homeowner, CCTV systems Solihull can transform your security. With flexible, user-friendly options available, they can be scaled up or down to suit your premises. Providing a range of options from simple to more complex, CCTV systems are increasingly accessible to a wider range of users.

CCTV installation Solihull from DD Aerials

At DD Aerials, we help property and business owners in Solihull increase their security and boost their peace of mind with the installation of modern CCTV systems.

Our CCTV systems provide a choice of movement triggered or continuous recording, and night and low light colour cameras. CCTV cameras can be installed internally or externally on wired or wireless systems. Footage can be recorded on tape, DVD, hard disk computer or the cloud.

Digital CCTV systems also allow you to view what your cameras are currently recording via computer, TV or a smartphone wherever you have an internet connection.

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Digital Direct offer a full range of CCTV solutions to fit all budgets, including low-cost upgrades to   high end technology systems for homes and business. Expert team to help you assess your security needs and recommend the best system. Free quotes available from your local trusted experts. A small family business who care.

Do not leave security too late – let us help you combat!

Monitor Your Property From your mobile phone or laptop

Our CCTV systems can be monitored easily from your phone or any smart device, wherever you are. A user-friendly way to check your home or business.

Recent CCTV & Security Customer Reviews

Exceptional Service and Professional Installations!👍 The digital direct company provided exceptional service in installing CCTV cameras, a media wall, and an alarm system. David did an excellent job with the CCTV and alarm system installations. The entire team, including Nick front line and Sara in managing project, completed the job to the best possible standards. They have proven themselves to be experts in their field, providing exceptional service and delivering top-notch installations. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of CCTV, media wall, or alarm system installations. They have set the bar high with their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction..  Shakeel, Sutton Coldfield, on Trustpilot, 28th September 2023

Installed wireless alarm and CCTV – fantastic from start to finish – clean, tidy and professional. Would definitely recommend. Snow on R6S, on Google, 11th August 2023.