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Commercial CCTV Systems & Cameras for Business

A Local Family Firm that Cares

Cameras. Just Fantastic. Customer, CV32,  Reviews, On Checkatrade, September ’22.

Digital Direct, a Local Family Company, offers:

  • Affordable Solutions, Offers Available.
  • Full setup onto smart phones and monitors.
  • High quality Hikvision CCTV system options tailored to your property and business.
  • Selecting from a wide range of cameras to suit your position, lighting, environment and activity requirements, linked by smart networking to recording equipment & your team’s devices.
  • Professional HD CCTV, 4 Camera System Installation & Digital Recorder from £899. Includes cabling, setup on your monitoring station, demo & 2-year guarantee.

Home CCTV Systems

Click above to see our domestic page covering most home requirements & some fun wildlife options!
If you have more complex security or care requirements then click for our specialist home section below.

Commercial CCTV Camera Systems

We provide wired or wireless Hikvision CCTV systems for your business with HD quality picture, smart detection, recording and storage.
Our CCTV systems support remote access which means everything is available from your smartphone, tablet and PC, allowing you to keep a close eye on your property from home and away. Whether you’re looking for a small camera systems to target specific areas, through to larger CCTV systems creating a complete overview of your premises, our security camera installers can offer a range of smart technology using the latest state of the art Hikvision systems with Smart infrared and HD quality imagery.

CCTV Camera Range

The Hikvision CCTV range has over 100 camera options, see guide below. Digital Direct can help guide you to the options that can meet you security needs.

All Hikvision CCTV Cameras are system ready.

  • Ready for your network Mostly IP with some coaxial for legacy upgrades.
  • Compatible with the smart network recorders range.
  • Use best compression to reduce load on your network.
  • Many can stream HD video to recorder and MD to phones or PCs simultaneously.

External Bullet & Mini-Bullet Cameras

  • 8MP (4k), 6MP 4MP & 2 Mega Pixel versions.
  • Fixed and varifocal lens range.
  • Darkfighter with Infra-Red LEDs illumination range of 30 to 80 metres
  • Behaviour Analysis inc,: Line crossing, Intrusion detection, object removal detection, face or vehicle detection
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras.
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras with smart response to movement etc.
  • Optional in-camera Local SD card storage.

Internal Dome, Mini-Dome, Cube & Covert CCTV Cameras

  • 8MP (4k), 6MP, 5MP, 4MP & 2 Mega Pixel versions.
  • Microphone versions to record sound or to use sound triggers/exceptions.
  • Speaker & microphone versions for 2-way welcome or challenge. Also used in care settings to maintain support without restricting activities.
  • Day and night capable cameras
  • Behaviour Analysis inc,: Line crossing, Intrusion detection, object removal, left-luggage & face detection.
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras with smart response to movement etc.
  • Covert cameras in 3 styles inc. PIR and Smoke Detector versions.

Home Applications for this wider range of cameras

Most Home CCTV ideas are are illustrated better on our Home CCTV page.
Digital Direct have used more specialist cameras and full professional setups in domestic homes.

  • In larger homes and grounds.
  • For gate entry security.
  • Two way voice links for caring, child care, and pets.
  • In stables, chicken runs and to cover pets.
  • For antisocial behaviour recording.
  • Wildlife viewing, right, is covered on our Home CCTV page.

CCTV colour image under floodlighting.

What are the benefits of installing a CCTV system for a business?

Deter Crime

One of the primary benefits of business CCTV cameras is their ability to deter crime. Visible cameras act as a strong deterrent to potential thieves or vandals, significantly reducing the likelihood of criminal activities on your premises.


The best commercial CCTV systems offer continuous surveillance, ensuring all areas of your business are monitored. This constant oversight helps in identifying suspicious activities and taking timely action to prevent potential incidents.

Enhanced Safety

Ensuring the safety of employees and customers is a top priority. Business CCTV camera systems contribute to a safer environment by monitoring and recording all activities, thereby aiding in emergency response and investigation processes.

What consideration are there when choosing the right CCTV for your business?

Business Needs

Assessing your specific business needs, including areas that require monitoring and the level of security needed, is crucial in determining the type of CCTV cameras for business you should invest in.

Camera Type and Quality

The market offers a range of camera types, from dome cameras to bullet cameras, each with different features. As long as you use the best commercial CCTV cameras, you can ensure clearer images, which are crucial for identification purposes.


The best business CCTV system should have adequate storage capacity to archive footage for a duration that complies with your business’s requirements and legal obligations.

Integration with Other System

With how modern business CCTV systems are designed, you can often integrate them into other systems with other security measure. This can include intruder alarm systems, and motion detectors.

Professional Installation

The complexity of the best commercial CCTV systems on the market necessitates a professional installation. We are specialists in business CCTV installation, so you can rest assured that cameras are strategically placed, optimally configured, and fully integrated with existing systems, providing comprehensive coverage of your premises.

Remote Viewing Capabilities

Advancements in technology have enabled remote viewing of CCTV footage, allowing business owners to monitor their premises from anywhere in the world. This feature adds an additional layer of convenience and reassurance, ensuring you’re always informed about your business’ security status.

Compliance with Privacy Laws

Ensuring your business’ CCTV system complies with privacy laws is a legal requirement. This involves placing signage to inform individuals they are being recorded, ensuring footage is stored securely, and only using the footage for security purposes.

Maintenance of CCTV Systems

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your CCTV system. Periodic checks by professionals can help identify and rectify issues before they escalate, ensuring your system always remains operational and effective. There are service and maintenance packages available.

Why Choose DD Aerials for Your CCTV Installation?

Our specialist experts in business CCTV installation guarantee that your system is installed to the highest standards. We understand the nuances of finding the best commercial CCTV system, ensuring your specific requirements are also compliant with legal requirements.

CCTV Customer Reviews

Cameras. Just Fantastic. Customer, CV32, On Checkatrade, September ’22.

A very friendly and efficient service from everybody that we have dealt with, even with the current issues affecting us all. The installation of CCTV was completed well and tidily by Nik and Mark. Many thanks for a job well done that makes us feel more secure following our recent experiences.
Keith, Smethwick, on Trustpilot, 20th October ’20.

Digital Direct Aerials friendly easy to work with company, if you want a aerial, sky dish or CCTV installing call these people.. Ian, Redditch, on Trustpilot, 13th May 2020.

If you want CCTV or your TV mount hung up, then ask the professionals to do it PLEASE. They are worth every damn penny. I wish I could upload a picture of the amazing work you did but it doesn’t seem to allow me. Digital Direct, you guys rock! Azizur Rahman, on Trustpilot, 25th May ’19.

A fantastic service from front to back. The front end office staff booking to the instillation team are fantastic. I have had Sky and Digital aeriel installation with them before and today CCTV instillation which is fantastic. All works neat tidy and looks the business. The system was shown to us both an detailed time spent going through it and show the functionality. The engineer who installed this is fantastic, courteous, professional and polite. I highly recommend Digital Direct and will not go anywhere else for works in our home. The office staff called to confirm the booked in the works and to confirm the particulars. The installation was completed in the time promised and turned up exactly when they promised. First Class team, thank you and worth every penny.
James & Beccy, Kidderminster, on Trustpilot, 6th April 2019

Excellent service. Highly recommended
We used Digital Direct to have our CCTV System fitted to our property a couple of weeks ago, and we can honestly say we cant thank the whole team enough.
Chris and Jen on Trustpilot