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Coventry TV Aerial Installation & Repair

Coventry TV Aerial Installation & Repair

Local Coventry TV Aerial & Satellite Dish Engineers

Hillfray Drive, Coventry, CV3 4FW

A Local Family Firm who Care

A brilliant service, and a very happy customer. Digital Direct came promptly, were efficient and professional, and were extremely courteous and helpful. Thoroughly recommended ! Ann Morrison, Coventry, Reviews, on Google, 17th January 2024.

Same Day Service  ‑  No Hidden Charges

Coventry TV Aerial & Satellite Dish Intallers

Digital Direct are a local friendly family firm. We can restore perfect pictures on your TV. We’ll book a visit and a transparent quote, fixing problems immediately if asked.

Local Coventry TV Aerial Installers

Hillfray Drive, Coventry, CV3 4FW

Digital Direct Aerials cover CV1 to CV13 and the wider West Midlands.
Most of Coventry is served by the Sutton Coldfield Freeview TV mast though the repeater at Allesley Park points to some problems.
To the east of the city many aerials need extra high poles to see Sutton or even Waltham & Leicester transmitters, see picture right. We have also found some holes in the signal around the city centre near to large buildings.

Digital Direct can fit or fix your Freeview aerial to deliver up to 60 UK TV channels and test the ones you watch most.
We can connect your TVs and boxes to the internet for catch-up & box-set services, see Streaming below.

Will a New TV Aeria or Dish l make a real difference?

The TV aerial right, installed by Digital Direct, replaced a much larger Aerial on a longer pole, that was delivering ever weaker signals. This modern aerial with built in interference filters has delivered top signal strength & stunning viewing.
The aerial down the pole is an FM aerial. DD Aerials stock and install DAB aerials too.
Both old & new aerials were aimed through Oak trees to the East Midlands Walham mast 68 kilometers away!

Do You Need a TV Aerial or Satellite Dish to Watch TV?

The simple answer is yes! A TV aerial is necessary to receive over-the-air broadcast signals, which allow you to watch free-to-air channels like BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and more. Without an aerial, you won’t be able to access these channels, leaving you with limited viewing options.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for TV Aerial or Dish Installation

Professional aerial fitters in Coventry possess the expertise and experience necessary for proper installation. There are several benefits to hiring a professional. Firstly, a trained technician will have the necessary knowledge and tools to identify the best location for your aerial, ensuring optimal signal strength and quality. Secondly, they will be able to diagnose any potential issues, such as interference from other electronic devices, and suggest solutions to improve your TV signal. Finally, a professional installer will guarantee a safe and secure installation, minimizing the risk of damage to your property or injury to themselves.

Types of TV Aerials

There are several types of TV aerials available, each designed to cater to specific needs and environments. For instance, indoor aerials are ideal for urban areas with strong signal strength, while outdoor aerials are better suited for rural locations with weaker signals. Digital aerials are the most common type and support both analogue and digital signals. On the other hand, HD aerials offer higher resolution and improved picture quality, making them perfect for modern smart TVs. Professional installers can assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable aerial for your needs.

What is the difference between a TV Aerial and Satellite Dish?

A TV aerial and a satellite dish serve distinct roles in television signal reception. Mounted on rooftops, a TV aerial captures terrestrial signals, providing access to free-to-air channels without subscription. Conversely, a satellite dish captures signals from orbiting satellites, expanding channel options to include international and subscription-based content. In Coventry, choosing between a TV aerial and a satellite dish depends on viewer preferences and desired programming diversity. Whether opting for local broadcasts or a more extensive channel range, both options offer tailored solutions to cater to residents’ individual entertainment needs.

Lifespan of a TV Aerial and Replacement

Like any electronic device, TV aerials have a limited lifespan. Generally, they can last anywhere between ten to fifteen years, depending on factors like weather conditions, signal strength, and maintenance. If you notice a significant drop in signal quality, it may be time to replace your aerial. Additionally, if you’ve had your aerial for more than ten years, it’s recommended to upgrade to a newer model to take advantage of improved technology and features.

How Can DD Aerials Help?

DD Aerials, your trusted experts for aerial installation in Coventry, offer top-notch services tailored to your specific requirements. With a team of skilled professionals, we ensure precise installation, optimal signal reception, and long-lasting solutions. Our services encompass digital aerial installation, repairs, and replacements, guaranteeing a seamless TV viewing experience.

Why Choose DD Aerials?

Choosing DD Aerials means opting for reliability, expertise, and exceptional customer service. Our experienced aerial fitters in Coventry prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that your TV aerial installation is executed flawlessly. We use high-quality equipment and the latest techniques to provide you with reliable, long-lasting solutions.

Satellite TV Dish Installation

Digital Direct offers a full range of Satellite TV options with impartial advice to ensure you get the best installation for your TV viewing requirements. Get all the Freesat or Free Sky channels with the option of ‘pay-per-view’ when you choose.

Need a satellite dish repair or realignment?
We often climb where big Sky firms won’t go.

TV Wall Mounting Service

Get the Professionals to fit your new TV!
Our engineers carry a full TV wall-mount bracket range with tilt & swing or flush mount brackets.

Media Walls

Let us help you save time and money by sharing our fabulous knowledge and industry contacts to purchase TVs , Sound bars, Speakers, Fires.
Start to Finish, we can handle everything or parts of the installation to suit your needs .

Free Home Visit & Consultation

  • Bespoke Design Plan.
  • Timeframe and organisation plan.
  • TVs, Soundbars, & Speakers.
  • We can manage Supply and Installation.
  • WIFI and DATA Distribution.
  • Electrical Plan and Installation – Cabling / Lighting.
  • Build and paint stud wall.
  • Fire Supply and Installation.
  • SkyQ and Gaming Set Ups.

Streaming over Broadband – Setting up your TV Players

Nik and his team can link your TV and Boxes to your broadband router for access to all TV players and Apps for your on-demand content from the internet.
You may need to update your Youview/BT/Humax Box to use your Prime Video account. BT customers can order a free replacement.
Digital Direct can also advise on the latest Boxes that can be able to be updated to support BritBox (BBC & ITV), Disney Plus UK, Apple TV Plus, HBO Now, or other streaming services. Our engineers can also sort out any Netflix, NOW TV by Sky, Milkshake, etc. access problems you have.

Coventry WiFi Installation Services

Our team of WIFI installation technicians will assist you with a variety of WIFI problems. Including WIFI distribution WIFI black spots, WIFI signal Strength. We can extend WIFI to parts of your property that currently do not receive a good signal from WIFI. We offer a full range of professional WIFI services including extending WIFI to outbuildings, Garden rooms and offices..

CCTV Installation & Set-up

Home and business CCTV cameras linked to Recorder, PC, Internet, iPhone etc.

Nik & the team can install external or internal cameras and set these up according to your needs and requirements. All systems include cabling, setup to your screen / phone.
We are Hik Vision expert approved installers.
Let us visit and put together a free quote on how we can give you security in your home or business .

Digital Direct promises all of our customers:
Same‑Day Service — No Hidden Extras — 12 Months Support — Approved Local Engineers

Your Coventry engineer also serves;
Bagington, Kenilworth, Balsall Common, Berkswell, Meriden, Corley, Keresley, Filongley, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Wolvey, Brinklow, Rugby, Woolston, Binley Woods, Ryton and areas between.


Hillfray Drive, Coventry, CV3 4FW


Recent, Coventry area, Customer Reviews

A brilliant service, and a very happy customer. Digital Direct came promptly, were efficient and professional, and were extremely courteous and helpful. Thoroughly recommended !
Ann Morrison, Coventry, on Google, 17th January 2024.

Very good service. very helpful engineer. John, Wolston, CV8, on Trustpilot, 9th January 2024.

Emergency call out. Came out and treated my elderly/disabled mother as emergency. Engineer was so helpful and explained thoroughly what the problem was. Definitely use them again and highly recommend too. Thank you Alan S – you are a star! Rashida, Coventry, CV6, on Trustpilot, 14th December 2023.

David & Jack arrived to sort out our major TV aerial signal drop off. David took out a new smaller aerial on a shorter pole and got reasonable signal from both directions. Then installed the new aerial, masthead amp with new power supply and enhanced signal splitter under the TV, by our new Humax box.
The signal was the best ever in over 30 years here.
I also asked for a new FM aerial and Jack quietly cabled this from the mast, down the side of the house and through the extension utility to the lounge. Very tidy and works great. Also excellent value for money.

Rob, Coventry, on Yell, 26th October 2023.

Had first class service from all the staff who are efficient and friendly. Had to have a new Freesat Dish fitted which was carried out without any problem. Would highly recommend this Company.
Peter Jones, Coventry, on Google, 12th October 2023.

The engineer turned up on time and called to give notice of the time. Spent about three hours to replace the aerial, run the cables to three points and test. A good neat job and good picture quality. Not cheap, however, they were actually a lot cheaper than my other quote. I would recommend.
George, Coventry, on Google, 6th October 2023.

From 1st phone call this company has been 5 star. Will definitely be passing on details to friends and family. Thank you. Dan, Coventry, on Trustpilot, 14th August 2023.

Excellent Service. Arrived on time and was more than helpful in getting a few extra bits done whilst up on the roof. Would highly recommend. SB, Coventry, CV3, on Trustpilot, 11th July 2023.

Professional and Expert. This company was quite superb in this situation. In a time when we have Wifi and UHF conflicting with each other? They sussed out the problem straight away and their engineers knowledge exactly spot on. They were really helpful and quick.
I have no doubts in recommending them (as an engineer myself )!
Nigel Bridge-Wilkinson MIMI, Bedworth, CV12, on Trustpilot, 1th July 2023.

Excellent TV Aerial and digital service. I was given digital direct aerials telephone number by the local richer sounds in Solihull. I made a call and had a very good response from Kerry and she got the crew to come and visit us the same afternoon and fix our aerial and get the tv back up and running. Really excellent service.
Would highly recommend.
Peter, Coventry, on Trustpilot, 19th May 2023.

We have used them previously and did a fantastic job so didn’t hesitate to contact them again when we moved home and needed them again. They were quick to book me in and carry out the work, they completed the job quickly and professionally, we are very happy. Lovely service from start to finish. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Kelly, Coventry, on Google, 1st May 2023.

Great service! Gave a quote there and then and was very quick and professional. Mounted our Sky Glass TV to the wall and it’s looks fab, thank you!. Hannah, Coventry, on Trustpilot, 23rd April 2023.

Excellent prompt service. My Sky dish was broken by scaffolders on Maunday Thursday just a few hours before the start of the Easter weekend. The company very quickly managed to get an engineer called Andy out to me within the hour, and he was very friendly and professional, made no fuss about the awkward location of the dish and made sure I was up and running before leaving. Mr Nelan, Coventry, on Trustpilot, 14th April 2023.

Top marks to Digital Direct Aerials Ltd. Super friendly, extremely helpful and no messing about. Everything went smoothly from first contact to installation. I would highly recommend this Company.
Martin, Coventry, CV2, 6th April 2023.

Good old fashioned service. Prompt, clean and efficient. Ann, Coventry, CV7, on Trustpilot, 24th March 2023.

Great experience. Carol, Coventry, CV6, on Trustpilot, 7th March 2023.

Prompt and efficient. Rob, Kenilworth, CV8, on Trustpilot, 18th February 2023.

Great service. Installed TV bracket quickly and left no mess at all. Also helped me install trunking, I would highly recommend them. Mr Panchal, Coventry, CV7, on Trustpilot, 11th January 2023.

Very happy with satellite fixes. Next day call back for my enquiry and a guy was sent out the following morning. I needed our satellite dish moved, the LNB swapped for a hybrid one, two new cable drops wired in and then a realignment. Job was done quickly and ended up with perfect signal quality and strength. Very happy and reasonably priced. Would definitely use these folks again. James H, Coventry, on Yell, 07th January 2023.