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Fibre IRS, Fibre Integrated Reception Systems

Fibre Integrated Reception Systems (FIRS) are quicker and more enhanced Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) aimed at private landlords, local authorities, housing associations and commercial builders, where there is a requirement to provide the end-users with any permutation of Sky, Sky Q, Sky HD & 3D, Freesat, Freeview and radio services.
Commercial IRS installation & initial build cable installation
With FIRS, a single set of aerials and satellite dishes can covers a larger geographical area, thereby giving a greater number of users access to the latest digital entertainment without the need for individual satellites or aerials. A single Fibre IRS system can cover hundreds of homes in excess of 10km radius of the exchange. With a single central management point maintenance costs are reduced. Fibre installations needing fewer cables, holes and dishes can be less costly that traditional coax for surprisingly small projects and your savings will grow as the project, building or estate scales up.

Conventional IRS systems send TV and satellite signals via coax cables and whilst reasonably efficient have limitations in distance and consistent signal quality. Advances in fibre optic technology now allow these services to be delivered over several miles via Fibre IRS OR FIRS.
Because FIRS is not subject to electrical interference and fibre has minimal degradation so the signal is dependably, scalably, excellent.

Designing Your Best-Fit Fibre IRS System

Digital Direct can create a bespoke FIRS system to meet any requirement to deliver local TV services, Sky satellite or international satellite services in practically any language.

  • Digital Direct Aerial fibre systems deliver the best picture and sound quality available
  • Full project management from site survey to installation with resident liaison as required
  • Digital Direct Aerials have selected the best products to reduce cost and maintenance
  • All installations are to Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) standard
  • Maintenance options are available to meet your requirements

As fully trained Registered Digital Installers and with over 20 year’s industry experience, Digital Direct Aerials can manage your full Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS) installation requirements.
Our team is dedicated to excellence and meeting the needs of clients and residents according to each contract.

Attractive Living Environment with Future-Proof TV & Radio Services

Much careful planning and design goes into the creation of a new development but the ‘architect’s vision’ can quickly be spoiled when residents add their own satellite dishes and aerials. With careful and strategic planning, multiple satellites, including a variety of foreign satellites, can be connected to each property providing a service tailored to the language/interests of all residents with no unsightly dishes spoiling the appearance or contravening any local regulations or covenants.
Call Digital Direct now to discuss your Fibre IRS systems.IRS-System-Install

Fibre IRS – right for your residents

  • Same TV service and subscription choices as individual homes
  • Free to choose broadcast supplier and packages
  • Multi-room possibilities
  • Homes are ‘plug and play’ for new residents
  • Complete range of TV and radio channels, free and pay
  • Access to HD & 3D TV
  • Specialist channels (ethnic, foreign channels)

Fibre IRS – right for you

  • No individual aerials and dishes on the property
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy to install – less wiring and holes
  • Time saving
  • Residents’ demands for digital services are fully satisfied
  • Future-proof, adds value for potential new residents
  • No waterproofing necessary
  • Fewer cables than copper installation
  • One single maintenance point