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World Cup Footy Event Packages in your Pub?

Pub landlords, have you applied for late licences for the World Cup football in your Pub, Hotel or Club?

Cinema-ScreenWith the time difference many games will only attract the most dedicated followers willing to stay up late. Though the last time the competition was in South America, Argentina ’78, saw many late night pub sessions aided by heavy curtains before the licensing reforms!

The England games will be a different matter.
Will you be able to accommodate or manage the demand? Some top London venues are selling a guaranteed seat with a view of a cinema screen.
See this designmynight offer.

To charge for admittance to all or part of your premises you may need to create a package. Some thoughts include:

  • World_Cup_Final_Line-ups_webA pre-match supper.
  • Drinks service.
  • Mini-bus ride home after the match.
  • A bed in the hotel next door.

You may also review if the viewing experience you offer will do justice to the HD pictures to be broadcast by the BBC and ITV this summer?

Call Nik on 0121 369 0244 to get expert advice and suggestions including the latest flat-screen technology installations.

Perhaps one room with the latest HD kit could command a price for a guaranteed great view whilst those who will not pay more can squeeze-in elsewhere.