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Call Nik on 0800 311 8478 or 07894 642 406

A Local Family Firm that Cares.

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Google’s 5 Gold Stars for Digital Direct.

Google’s 5 Gold Stars built on 700+ Trustpilot Reviews from our customers.


Trustpilot 500 Reviews Rosette

Have you ever wondered how companies get the Gold Star ratings on their Google listings and Ads?
Google bases these on the genuine logged-in reviews of many online review sites such as Trustpilot, Feefo, etc.
We have also noted that Google takes note of their own logged-in communities using Google + and Youview.

Google has raised the Bar from 30 reviews per year to 150 reviews.

There were many more aerials companies that had some reviews Gold Stars until Google changed their rules.
Some argued that the lower threshold of 30 made it easier for mates and fake accounts to be used to game the system.
The new threshold does make it difficult for smaller companies whose jobs can take a week or more.
Digital Direct have worked hard to send out Trustpilot review invitations to all our customers with email addresses. Since October 2014 our customers have responded with over 730 reviews, over240 per year, so we continued to keep our perfect 4.8 Google Rating. Check out these genuine customer reviews, below. You cannot fake the human individuality and diversity in these genuine reviews. Our thanks go out to everyone who has responded and to the team who work hard to keep our customers happy.

A Word Cloud of the most Common Terms from Trustpilot

Our Trustpilot reviews revealed phrases that were used over and over again to describe the engineers and the office staff. I made a tally chart of the most used terms. The word cloud below was generated from just 2 month’s reviews in early 2016.

Checkatrade Reviews continue to be supported as well

Digital Direct Aerials started off using Checkatrade. This UK based review membership has not been included in Google’s ‘seller ratings’ websites because it is not purely online. In fact, if you check out your local trades on Checkatrade you will often find the majority of their reviews are verified by phone.
We still maintain our Checkatrade reviews as well precisely because these accept both online and postal reviews.
You will see our full feedback chart on the right-hand sidebar, or towards the bottom on mobiles, on most pages on this site and this post.