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Home & Home Office WiFi Installation.

A Local Family Firm that Cares

he guy who come to sort out our WiFi and boxes did a great job. He sorted out the mess from the open reach guy who didn’t seem to know how to set it up. thanks.
Mr Bartlett, Stourbridge, on Trustpilot, Reviews, 20th January 2024.

WiFi Installations

Digital Direct are experts in distributing WIFI and DATA around your Home and Garden.
Our trained experts will seamlessly distribute your DATA and WIFI around your home indoors and outdoors. We can help with any WIFI issues you may have, Including poor signal and black spots areas. We can extend coverage and signal strength to locations and parts of your property that do not receive a good reception.
At Digital Direct we will provide a initial visit so we can provide a solution that overcomes your WIFI issues. From WIFI installation to WIFI Solutions and WIFI6 Upgrade.
If you are working from home let us see how we can support you getting seamless WIFI to your office or outbuilding, Garden room or cabin.

  • Installation, Upgrade and Distribute Wifi
  • Long Range: to Cabins, Outbuildings, Garden Offices.
  • Covering Terraces, Driveways, Gardens.

Wifi 6 Technology

WIFI 6 High Speed Fibre Optic Broadband and Fibre to the premises is now available in many homes .

We will supply a WIFI 6 Distribution System that will connect multiple PCs, Laptops, Phones. Games Consoles. Smart TVs and CCTV cameras to your existing network using your secure address.

The Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Router with WiFi 6, right, can link your
Fibre-to-the-Premises, up to a Gigabyte, bandwidth, using WiFi 6 access points and/or Gigabyte cable links for your ultimate performance.

Benefits of WiFi Systems installed by Digital Direct

  • Expert setup for the best coverage through & outside your Home.
  • Simple management options inc. cloud-key from anywhere.
  • Easy and secure control of Guest Access.
    You can even create time-limited Guest Vouchers.
  • Seamless handover between access points. Keep browsing or streaming as you move around your house.
  • Full integration of your Sonos Sound Systems, CCTV cameras and other wireless devices.

High Data areas; Wired to Office, Games room or Den

If you have a room where gamers gather, 4k TV is streamed or a home office then the wireless mesh approach will not be the best.
If your high data use room is in a separate building or shed then a wired bespoke setup will also be better.
Digital Direct have been experts at discreet wiring for many years, inside homes and through gardens.
The example, above left, is all wired however Digital Direct will only wire were you must have a big pipe to the internet.

A fantastic job wiring an external ethernet cable from my living room at front of property to office in the rear. Now able to get maximum bandwidth as opposed to previous experience using Powerline adapter.
Steven, Kingswinford, 1st February 2022.

Home WiFi Services

Digital Direct’s WiFi experts can provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to your requirements.

    • Home WiFi Survey & Installation
    • Extending your WiFi Coverage
    • Garden and Outside Areas
    • Smart Home Solutions with WiFi Integration
    • CCTV Systems integrated with WiFi
    • Sonos Sound integration
    • WiFi Access Points
    • Office, Hotel, Restaurant WiFi systms.

Extend into your Garden & Beyond!

Weatherproof Access Points and Mesh Aerials can give you the ability to walk around anywhere in the house, garden or the summer house and have seamless WiFi everywhere!

This summer house was linked in a mesh network that Digital Direct installed including an external UniFi access point, left. This UniFi® AP-AC is the Fastest Outdoor Access Point supporting up-to 1300 Mbps in the 5 GHz band & up-to 450 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band.

WiFi that works & whole house sound without visible wires,

Follow the link above to see our latest case study in a rural detatched property.

Digital aerial service I will recommend to anyone when it comes for internet and sound systems. I have large house and had amazon eero which was absolutely rubbish. After contacting Digital Aerials my internet all over the house and garden working excellent and I feel peace of mind now. no internet issue in my large property and will recommend anyone with 5 STAR! Mr Choudhury, Solihull, 5th August 2022.

All about access points

Access points, often referred to as “APs,” are networking devices utilized to establish WLANs (wireless local area networks), enabling other Wi-Fi devices to connect to the network. These APs establish a wireless link with your broadband router or network switch, providing them with internet connectivity. Once connected, these APs facilitate the transmission and reception of wireless signals among various devices, consequently enhancing the speed and stability of your Wi-Fi network.

Think of access points as bridges, connecting various Wi-Fi devices within the same network.

It has become increasingly common for individuals to deploy multiple access points throughout their properties, particularly in larger structures like offices, to eliminate Wi-Fi “blackspots” and ensure consistent, high-speed Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire area. Deploying multiple access points concurrently can be highly advantageous for businesses.

Who can benefit from access points?

Access points are versatile devices suitable for a wide range of situations; they are not restricted to any specific user or scenario. Depending on your specific circumstances, you may require a certain type or number of access points to meet your needs. They can accommodate various use cases, ranging from smaller, less demanding home network setups to large-scale, high-intensity business networking systems.

There are no fixed limits on the number of APs you can install simultaneously. Therefore, if you have a vast area to cover, access points can provide the much-needed solution.

Let’s explore the different types of access points:

1. Application:

Access points can be categorized based on whether they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Outdoor access points differ from their indoor counterparts as they are built to withstand the elements, varying temperatures, and unpredictable outdoor conditions. However, their core functionality remains nearly identical to indoor access points.

2. Commercial Environments:

To narrow down access point options, we can classify them into two groups: “commercial” and “enterprise.”

Commercial access points are well-suited for environments like home offices, hotels, or cafes/restaurants, where multiple users need simultaneous Wi-Fi connectivity but do not place heavy demands on the network.

3. Enterprise Environments:

Enterprise access points are tailored for environments with higher security and more demanding network requirements, such as large modern company offices. These access points excel in handling numerous connections while maintaining lightning-fast speeds crucial for business operations.

WIFI and TV case Study.

The customer had moved into a large new property. They had 1 broadband facility coming into the property and they wanted seamless consistent WIFI throughout the home and reaching their annex.

They also required a full CCTV offering maximum visibility – a straight forward user-friendly solution they could access on mobile phone.

Plus multiple TV set ups; including above fireplace installs with no cables to be visible.

Our Digital Direct Solution

Digital Direct fitted a UniFi Dream Machine and multiple WIFI access points meshing them together to create a large HUB of WIFI to cover the whole house. We provided a neat tidy solution that provided a consistent stream of WIFI by utilizing cables where possible to avoid disruption.

We then returned and fitted multiple TVs with the CCTV scheduled to be completed shortly.
Please see our review from a very happy customer, below.

  • Recent WiFi and Internet Reviews

    The guy who come to sort out our WiFi and boxes did a great job. He sorted out the mess from the open reach guy who didn’t seem to know how to set it up. thanks. Mr Bartlett, Stourbridge, on Trustpilot, 20th January 2024.

    Full marks. Very punctual and professional. Offered a great service and additional advice whilst installing extra Satellite points and both internal and external WiFi extenders. Highly recommended.
    Dean, Hartelbury, Kidderminster, on Trustpilot, 12th December 2023.

    Great Service. My equipment (Ubiquity WIFI points) was set up to be completely ready for use, including all the connection to WiFi and downloading of apps. I was also shown how to use everything so was confident using it straight away. AH, Oldbury, B68, on Trustpilot, 14th October 2023.

    Very helpful, sorted out an aerial problem, installed new tv and soundbar, and extended our Wi-Fi into a part of the house where it hadn’t worked. The two engineers were great, with Ben explaining everything clearly and understandably to an old geezer like me. David, Birmingham, on Google, 12th October 2023.

    Great response and good service. Sorted my WiFi issues out. Nice guys, would use again.
    Tony, Lye, on Google, 4th October 2023.

    Professional and Expert. This company was quite superb in this situation. In a time when we have Wifi and UHF conflicting with each other? They sussed out the problem straight away and their engineers knowledge exactly spot on. They were really helpful and quick.
    I have no doubts in recommending them (as an engineer myself )!
    Nigel Bridge-Wilkinson MIMI, Bedworth, CV12, on Trustpilot, 11th July 2023.

    Great job! We were very happy with the work that Digital Direct did for us. We were kept well informed before, during and after the work. And we now have a great solution to our Wi-Fi issues. Thanks 😀
    Mark, Redditch, on Trustpilot, 22nd June 2023.

    “I had the pleasure of working with Digital Direct Kidderminster recently and I must say, these guys are seriously fantastic. I needed a cat6 data cable run for an access point up stairs and was amazed by the quality of work. There is no trace of the cable in any way shape or form, and you wouldn’t even know it was there!
    The workmanship is truly second to none, and the team was able to accommodate same-day services,
    which was brilliant.
    I was so impressed with their work that I had the team back to fit me another data cable from the same location, this time to the garage to run further access points and services. Once again, the work was carried out with the utmost respect and craftsmanship. I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering the work they offer. Overall, my experience with Digital Direct Kidderminster was exceptional.
    They were professional, efficient, and clearly take pride in their work.
    If you’re looking for high-quality data cable installation, these guys are definitely the ones to call.
    Thank you Digital Direct Kidderminster for your outstanding service!”

    Josh Pye, Kidderminster, on Google, 31st March 2023.

    Very prompt and efficient service. Quoted within one day and installed two days after as requested. Paul Carr, June 2024

    Tom was great. Came in and understood the challenge. He was able to immediately look at what the likely causes were and solved what has been an ongoing issue within an hour.
    Keith Price, May 2024.

    The team were fantastic throughout. Our job was to sort out our patchy internet access in a Victorian house. Dave did the survey and his recommendations were really intelligent – sensitive to aesthetics of the house and minimising costs, no unncecessary hardware upsell. Ben the installer was really polite, tidy and obviously takes pride in his work. Kerry in the office was super communicative and ensured the work gone done rapidly. Very impressive service!
    Jim, April 2024

Having a robust and reliable home WiFi network is more crucial than ever. With the increasing need for online connectivity for work, entertainment, and communication, a strong WiFi connection is a backbone of an efficient and technologically equipped home. DD Aerials understands the importance of this and offers comprehensive solutions for home wifi, addressing wifi issues in your area, and providing top-notch home wifi network installation services. This detailed guide explores the various aspects of setting up and maintaining a robust home WiFi system, ensuring you stay connected always.

The Importance of a Strong WiFi Connection

A strong WiFi connection is vital for uninterrupted work, seamless streaming, and effective communication. With the majority of devices now relying on wireless connectivity, the strength and reliability of your home WiFi impact virtually every aspect of daily life. DD Aerials emphasises the importance of using the latest WiFi equipment and technology for optimal performance. Their selection of high-quality routers, access points, and extenders ensures fast and reliable WiFi throughout your space, overcoming common challenges like dead zones and signal interference.

Home WiFi Installation Process

The process of home WiFi network installation can vary in complexity based on your home’s size, layout, and specific needs. Typically, a professional installation starts with a site assessment to determine the optimal placement for routers and extenders. This strategic placement ensures maximum coverage and performance. DD Aerials’ technicians are skilled in assessing and addressing the unique WiFi needs of your home, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process. From wifi setup in the home to integrating complex Wired Data Networks, they handle all aspects with precision and care.

Why Choose DD Aerials for WiFi Installation?

Choosing DD Aerials for your home WiFi installation means selecting peace of mind and quality. Their technicians are trained to assess your home’s layout, strategically place equipment, and optimise settings to maximise coverage and performance. Beyond the initial installation, DD Aerials is dedicated to customer satisfaction, offering post-installation support and maintenance services. Whether it’s adjusting settings, upgrading equipment, or addressing any WiFi issues, they ensure your home WiFi network remains top-notch.

Addressing a WiFi Issue in my area and Enhancing Connectivity

WiFi issues in your area can stem from various factors including signal interference, outdated equipment, or improper setup. DD Aerials addresses these issues by providing tailored solutions, including upgrading to the latest WiFi standards, using dual-band routers to minimise interference, and ensuring your network is secure. They also offer services to expand your WiFi coverage through additional access points or mesh network systems, ensuring you have a strong signal in every corner of your home.

In conclusion, a robust home WiFi network is an investment in seamless connectivity and enhanced digital experiences. Whether you’re looking to install a new network, upgrade an existing setup, or address specific WiFi challenges, DD Aerials offers the expertise, technology, and customer-focused approach to meet your needs. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them a leading provider of internet installation services and home WiFi solutions. Contact DD Aerials today to transform your home connectivity and embrace a wireless world of endless possibilities. From internet set up service to comprehensive WiFi setup home, let them be your partner in navigating the digital landscape.