Make that Call !

Make that Call ! ( For Sky experts.)

This is for all of us who have endured the mind numbing experience of calling Sky’s help line and the watching the Tech nerds videos on YouTube. Never do it again, just call these folks at Digital Direct as they are a Class Act. I had to replace my remote and when it arrived I put in two batteries and it worked in all sections… happy days !
The next time I used it there was no volume .
What followed was many visits to Sky’s online help and Youtube’s tech wizards .
Over three days I had found and used 23 codes and was left with a remote that had volume on some channels only!
I googled for local firms to help. The first one wouldn’t come out, the second said ‘Don’t call Sky’s help line’.
Next on the list was Digital Direct and immediately they were so friendly, helpful and professional.
Andy the Technician arrived, AKA the Yoda (he who knows everything) of Remotes. Within twenty minutes he had sussed out the problem and totally re set the remote. Fantastic!
He then said would I like him to alter the settings to improve the viewing quality of the TV.
Seriously, what he did I haven’t a clue but I now will not need to book an eye test for my glasses as in the evenings
I thought something was wrong with my eyes.
For the two Ladies in the Office and Andy the Technician I can’t thank you enough. You are providing your customers with Old School customer service. I hope many people use your Company.
It will save so much time, stress, and in the end …money!
Phil, Stourbridge, 21st January 2022.