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Meeting the Digital Direct Aerials Office Team

A visit to the Digital Direct Aerials Office.

Lesley-Clarke-webI was due to meet Sarah to catch up on the expansion of Digital Direct Aerials and to plan out their next steps. When discussing where we should meet I suggested that I go to the office to meet the ladies who are at the hub of the team; taking your calls, scheduling the engineers to respond promptly and ensuring they have the aerials, dishes, boxes and parts they need.

There I met Lesley Clarke, above left, who runs all the back office accounts, etc, as well as helping out when call volumes are high. I also met Elaine Edwards who has become the ever-present link in our flexible office team.

Elaine Edwards webElaine, right, has been streamlining our systems to ensure that your calls are answered promptly, that no appointment gets dropped and customers are kept informed.
Elaine is also enthusiastically following up customers with requests to leave independent and honest feedback on Trustpilot.

These genuine, unfiltered, reviews are now often cited by our callers at the reason they chose Digital Direct Aerials.

Next time out I will try to catch up with the Guys who climb the ladders and always offer to take off their shoes before going into your house.

The photos, above, were taken on my phone. I had not taken the DSLR over so clearly these are not in the same league as New Era’s professional team photos on Facebook etc..

Rob McGonigle.