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Why can’t the bigger Sky installers do the difficult dish sites?

flat-roof-dish-install-webDigital Direct have been picking up an increasing number of Sky Dish installation and repairs work that has been turned down by the bigger Sky approved installers.
Why is this?
These companies will refuse to perform installations that are in positions that are difficult to access using a ladder such as above a conservatory. They will also turn down jobs that appear easy from a flat roof.

The reason this is to reduce their insurance liability risk and to protect their employees. Their experienced installers will have the training and the knowledge to solve these problems. However, because Sky’s promotions and blockbuster series & events deliver a stream of new jobs for them they can cherry-pick the quick and easy jobs.

Dish in the garden-webAnother problem has been with the latest insulated houses. They, like us, will check for pipes and electricity cables before drilling. With the latest Bosch testers studs, cables and pipes can be checked for with a single test. The latest solid cavity insulation with aluminium reflective foil to reflect your heat back in will fail this test. The testers can be used to check for mains, pipes and studs as 3 individual tests but some companies will stop the job when this test is failed!

Sometimes, it is the customer that has challenging requirements.The sports fan whose wife was absolutely against having a dish that was visible on their house. A discrete installation in the garden solved the problem without the dreaded blot on this upmarket neighbourhood.