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“Professional, Prompt, Polite, Tidy, Friendly” say our Customers

Top Words from Trustpilot Reviews: 2018 Update

Great, Excellent Service, Engineer, Friendly, Helpful, Very Good, Professional, Efficient, Polite, Prompt, People.

A simpler tally of the top 10 words used in the first 15 weeks of 2018 in order. Friendly and helpful are up and tidy has dropped because the reviewers are using many more ways to say cleaned up after themselves. Engineer is the most common description for the team though many reviews also reference the office staff, phone support etc.. That is why I have added People at the end as it includes everyone who has helped generate over 920, 9.9/10 reviews by delivering great service. Service is the most frequently used word, over 150 times or 10 times a week, was not included in the list as this was seen as neutral becoming very positive after excellent and great.

The most frequent words and phrases used by the customers of Digital Direct Aerials in their Trustpilot reviews back in early 2016 are in the word cloud, below. Thank you all.


Browsing Digital Direct Aerials’ reviews on Trustpilot revealed phrases that were used over and over again to describe the engineers and the office staff. I made a tally chart of the most used terms. The word cloud above was generated from the latest 2016 reviews to 10th March.

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