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Rugby World Cup – How to view when you want?

Time-Shifting Options for when you cannot watch the Rugby live.

All the Rugby World Cup, Japan 2019, games will be live on ITV or ITV 4.

Given the time difference, most of the games will be around breakfast time 7:45am to 8:15am or 10:15am to 11:30am There are a few crack of dawn games between 4am and 5-45am however none of these involve home nations teams.
See the full Fixture List at

Time Shifting using the ITV Hub

You can catch-up if you get up late or want to watch when you get home from work.
You will have two options using the ITV Hub:

  1. Free with the Ad breaks.
  2. Ad Free for £3-99 per month. You can cancel at any time or if you watch a lot of ITV the annual cost is £39-99.

Skip Ads on any Channel with a Humax youview Recorder, BT or Sky Q box.

Any Hard Drive TV Recorder can series record the TV you cannot miss and get past the Ads quickly at 6 x fast forward.
The advantage of these boxes is they can cover many channels and you decide how long you want to keep your recordings.
We found a tip to speed Scandi Dramas past the slow and moody sequences using two times fast-forward. You can still read the subtitles at 2x!