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ddAerials, a Local Family Firm that Cares


Call Nik on 0800 311 8478 or 07894 642 406

ddAerials, a Local Family Firm that Cares

Dish Repair from £45
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Satellite Dish Repair ServicesNik on ladder fitting Sky dish

Dish Alignment and Repairs where others cannot go!

Digital Direct’s traditional ladder skills and training mean we often get the dish repair and alignment jobs that many big firms are not allowed to undertake.
If you have lost signal on your Satellite TV, or you’ve got poor picture quality with pixelating or freezing TV channels, then Digital Direct can help!

satellite-dish-iced-upWe can perform a Satellite TV dish repair at your property, and get your TV working again.
One of our engineers can attend your property and perform a full diagnosis of your digital television system.
Once we have found the problem we will aim to fix the system and get you the best signal possible in your area.

Digital Directs fully equipped vehicles have every tool we need to get you watching your favourite programmes with the minimum of hassle – usually the same day!

Our engineers can also provide you with a signal booster or an upgrade to your existing system to improve reception levels, if its something you want, all of which can be completed during the same visit!
Digital Direct engineers are trained to repair your existing satellite system and get your digital reception to optimum viewing levels.
Repairs from £45  |  New Dishes from £85

Birmingham Satellite Dishes Repaired Fast!

Our expanding team now covers the whole West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and parts of Staffordshire. With engineers based on all sides of Birmingham now we are finding we can respond to all areas of Birmingham faster with flexible routing responses. The closest engineer is not always the fastest!

Torrential Rain!

We have seen the recent heavy rainfall impact the picture quality in several ways:

  • torrential rainHeavy rainfall can interfere with both terrestrial and satellite signals.
  • Waterlogged junction boxes and mast-head amplifiers.
  • Diskes have become misaligned, either directly by the tropical downpours
    or as a result of branches etc.

Get your reception and picture optimised to keep your HD and 3D viewing at its best, call Nik on 07894 642 406.

When we come out to you we carry out a number of checks on your system using our fast and efficient Diagnostics service which allows us to check your TV Aerial / Satellite Dish alignment and positioning, external and internal cabling or signal loss, connected aerial / satellite points, tuning of any connected components (such as TV, Sky, Freeview etc)

Using our specialist equipment a Digital Direct installation and repair engineer can pinpoint the exact fault within your television aerial or satellite tv system, and immediately make the necessary adjustments or recommendations to get your television viewing operational.

Recent Testimonials on Trustpilot

Satellite dish repair.
The technician John arrived on time, was prompt in his diagnosis and within 15mins I had a picture again! Payment was made and a 1 year guarantee for peace of mind. I would not hesitate to recommend Digital Direct.
Jared Karim

Satellite cable repair.
Fantastic service, called early morning for an appointment and friendly, efficient guy called, Tom, I think came in the early afternoon. Very quick, clean and tidy and had TV running in no time. Well done. Joan, Warwick.