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Secure Connection to Protect your Privacy

Secure Connection to protect your Privacy & deter Hackers !

Look for the padlock on all our pages, see screenshots, below, from the Chrome browser & Firefox right.
Our secure web pages protect:

  1. Your private information. Everything you enter on  will be encrypted from your device to our website. This includes sessions across insecure WiFi hotspots.
  2. Our Site from Hackers. To get the Green Padlock from Google, below, we had to ensure that every file and image on the site started with https: . Then we had to ensure all links to external websites went to their secure version.
  3. Ensure the website is not corrupted. Many people round the world take advantage of free WiFi to keep connected. To get some revenue some hotspot operators are now inserting Ads into websites changing the way the web page looks. This cannot be done with encrypted web pages nor can they redirect the links to a competitor’s page or a virus site.


Microsoft Edge & IE Browsers have Grey & Yellow Padlocks

You will see Green Padlocks on the Chrome and Firefox browsers. On the Microsoft browsers, Edge and IE the padlock is grey. The very corporate MS only gives the green padlock to the top-level extended validation certification that is required for e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and Banks. See the screenshot below to see what is behind the grey padlock. When you check it turns to yellow.