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Sonos Speaker System Installation

Great Job!!!! gone the extra mile 3 teles all wall mounted Sonos sound system wall mounted and connected Fred, Trustpilot, 1st Sept. ’20.

Connected, whole-home sound – Sonos Made Easy

Play Spotify in the kitchen, a podcast in the bedroom or the same thing everywhere. The Sonos Home Sound System fills as many rooms as you want with sound. And every Sonos speaker is built to deliver crystal clear sound with no distortion, at any volume.

Sonos System Design & Installation

Sonos consists of audio components with WiFi wireless speakers and soundbars. We are Sonos experts, helping to install WiFi extensions and solve WiFi problems in order to make your Sonos system work brilliantly. Sonos system can combine your digital music system into a single app so you can control the music system from any device. Listen and enjoy music in every room by using a dedicated wireless network.

Digital Direct can:

  • Advise on the type of system required
  • Advise on the amount of speakers required and speaker positions
  • We are happy to help with designing and specifying a Sonos audio system for your needs and budget.

Connect Sonos to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music & all streaming services

Our specialist engineers will connect all of your streaming services and music accounts.

Connect Sonos to your PC, Mac or Music storage drive

We can connect your Sonos system up to all your music stored on your computer, whether PC, tablet, iMac, iPad or iPod.

We can also connect to your Network Attached Storage, NAS, devices or any hard drives attached to your network or by USB.

Control Sonos from your smartphone or Amazon Alexa

A single App does it all.
Digital Direct will set you up to go from all of your devices.
The Sonos App has everything you will need to play and control your music all over your home.
Pick a room. Pick a song. Hit play. Download from Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.

Digital Direct can connect your Sonos to any Amazon Echo device.

With your Amazon Echo or Dot you can play and control songs, radio stations, podcasts and your favourite playlists and more just using your voice.

Recent Testimonials on Trustpilot

Great Job!!!! Andy has just left our house 1hr 15 mins after his finish time, gone the extra mile 3 teles all wall mounted, Sonos sound system wall mounted and connected – great job cheers Andy 👍🏼
Fred, 1st September ’20.