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Coventry TV Wall Mounting Service


From initial call into the company the ladies were so helpful with me .
Nick and his staff were amazing really efficient nothing was too much trouble.
Would recommend them without hesitation
Jane, Coventry, Reviews, on Trustpilot, 21st July 2023.

In the vibrant city of Coventry, TV wall mounting has emerged as a highly sought-after choice. With its sleek and modern look, it not only enhances the aesthetics of a room but also maximizes space and provides the best viewing angles for an immersive entertainment experience.

What is TV Wall Mounting?

With TV wall mounting, the TV is securely attached to the wall with a sturdy bracket. This contemporary method adds a modern look to any room by giving it a streamlined and sophisticated appearance. It is an ideal solution for those who want to optimize their space and create a clean, uncluttered environment.

Who May Require TV Wall Mounting?

There are several individuals and households in Coventry that can benefit from TV wall mounting. Homeowners who value aesthetics and want to improve the overall look of their living spaces often opt for wall mounting to eliminate the need for a bulky TV stand. Wall mounting can also be a practical and space-saving solution for people with limited space or unconventional room layouts.

Why Choose TV Wall Mounting Over a TV Stand?

Choosing TV wall mounting over a traditional TV stand offers several advantages. First, you have the flexibility to adjust the height and tilt of the TV to suit your preferences and seating arrangement to achieve the best viewing angle for movie nights and gaming experiences. This avoids issues such as glare and creates a more comfortable viewing angle for everyone in the room. When the TV is mounted on the wall, viewers can experience a theater-like ambiance with optimal comfort and full immersion.

Another advantage of TV wall mounting is the ability to free up space and hide unsightly cables. With a TV stand, cables may be exposed, creating a messy and confusing appearance. However, if you route the cables through the wall or use cable management systems, you can achieve a neat and orderly installation.

Not only does this improve the look, but it also eliminates the risk of tipping over or falling down that can occur with TV stands, especially if they are not properly balanced or secured. By choosing TV wall mounting over a TV stand, homeowners in Coventry can maximize the available space in their rooms making them look more open and spacious. Moreover, a wall-mounted TV is less likely to be knocked over by children or pets, preventing unfortunate accidents or injuries. This benefit makes it an ideal choice for families with young children or pets.

Can a TV Be Mounted on Any Wall?

Before installing a TV, there are some factors to consider. The type of wall and its structural integrity should be evaluated to ensure it can support the weight of the TV. DD Aerials’ technicians are experienced in determining the suitability of various walls and selecting the appropriate mounting hardware. Contact DD Aerials today for professional advice to assess the suitability of your wall and ensure a safe installation.

How Can DD Aerials Help?

For those seeking professional TV wall mounting services in Coventry, DD Aerials is a leading choice. Our team of local family experts provides a range of options to suit different needs. Whether it’s mounting a flat-screen TV, installing a TV in a wet room, or setting up a TV projector, DD Aerials has the expertise and equipment to handle any requirement. We pride ourselves on delivering same-day service, providing free quotes, and offering a price match guarantee.

Recent Wallmount Reviews

Very friendly yet professional service from start to finish. TV looks fantastic on the wall now.
Chris, Birmingham, on Trustpilot, 24th June 2023.

Great service, and very polite, wall mounted me a 65-inch TV few days ago and everything works well and looks amazing. Would recommend to all. Chan_Ghost_Gaming 69, Lye, on Google, 22nd May 2023.

Richard fixed my 65 inch television to the wall and he did an excellent job.
Dr Venkataramanan, Stourbridge, on Trustpilot, 22nd May 2023.

The guys that arrived to install our TVs were absolutely fantastic. They made a great job of the installation and offered invaluable advice on the installation. They also tidied up 100% after they had completed the installation. Would not hesitate using again. David, Birmingham, on Trustpilot, 14th April 2023.

Very professional and friendly service from the beginning to end. They wall mounted my 55 inch TV on the same day. Very pleased with the quality. Hasan, Biirmingham B32, on Trustpilot, 14th February 2023.

Our experience with DDA has been excellent – helpful and efficient on the phone when booking the TV and sound system installation. The Engineers who carried out the installation were up to the same standard. They were polite, helpful and ‘on the ball’ – well done Ben and Joe. (not Ben and Jerry!).
Andy, Solihull, on Trustpilot, 2nd February 2023.

Great service. Installed TV bracket quickly and left no mess at all. Also helped me install trunking, I would highly recommend them. Mr Panchal, Coventry, CV7, on Trustpilot, 11th January 2023.